Hix Island House Pool

The Pool at Hix Island House

Hix Island House Pool

Hix Island House PoolNestled into the hillside, and steps from your room, you’ll find one of the Caribbean’s most magnificent pools, where afternoon relaxation on its panoramic deck becomes an art in itself.

Voted the best pool on Vieques Island, you will be hard pressed to find any place more relaxing than the pool at Hix Island House. At fifty feet in length and five feet deep, our pool is perfect for early morning laps and refreshing post-beach dips.


In the practice of sustainable living, our pool runs off of the sun. As strange as that may sound, we have installed solar panels that run the pool pump. From the earliest rays of sun in the morning, until the last ones in the afternoon, our pool is cleaning itself from the sun. Our pool also uses minimal chemicals, instead opting for ionization with copper and silver.

This process has been used for centuries as these two metals are known for their natural algaecide and antimicrobial properties. Instead of leaving the pool with dry skin, guests at the Hix Island House swim in a natural, spring-like setting.


tour the BUILDINGS

  • Redonda at Hix Island House, Vieques PR REDONDA

    four spacious lofts, closest building to the pool
  • Triangular at Hix Island House, Vieques PR TRIANGULAR

    the original building on the Hix Island House property
  • Rectangular at Hix Island House, Vieques Island PR RECTANGULAR

    some of the best Caribbean ocean views
  • Casita at Hix Island House, Vieques Island PR CASITA

    located at the top of the property, next to La Casona
  • La Casona at Hix Island House, Vieques Island PRLA CASONA

    top of the property, ideal for special occasions
  • Casa Solaris Off-grid Guesthouse, Vieques Island PRCASA SOLARIS

    the first off-grid guesthouse in the Caribbean